Why I'm Running

Mitchell has lived in the Middletown City School district since 2003. He and his wife have six children. Two sons matriculated through the school district, graduated, and continued to college.

Their youngest daughter is currently attending MHS. Mitchell was drawn to the area for its diverse atmosphere, a strong sense of community, and excellent quality of education within the schools. He and his family found more than a place to live in Middletown. They found a community where they could flourish through their involvement in a variety of activities and opportunities, giving back to the community they call home.

A strong believer in service to others, Mitchell’s philosophy is that the greatest impact we can have on the course of our lives and our community is by being actively engaged at the local level. As such, Mitchell serves his community in a variety of ways. Not only is he a counselor at a local drug rehabilitation center, but he also volunteers his time with the YMCA, Middletown Recreational Community Center, and numerous mentorship programs. Coach Mitch, as he is fondly known, serves as the co-founder and Coach of 845 Elite where he coaches student-athletes in the sports of basketball and boxing.

Mitchell’s advocacy is for the advancement of all students and his community. Given the opportunity, Mitchell’s goal is to ensure that the community of Middletown and the school system work lockstep and in tandem with one another to foster enriching opportunities and the world-class educational supports that our students so richly deserve.

On May 18th
Vote Coach Mitch for Middletown School Board.

High expectations are meaningless without rich opportunities.
Personalizing education...
Not standardizing it.

Every child wants to be a part of something. Are you doing your part to determine what that something will be? As a community, we’re all responsible for our youth. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. This is the Enlarged City School District Of Middletown.

On May 18th I ask that you give me the opportunity to bring my personal and professional experience as a coach and counselor by electing me to 1 of the 3 available spots on the school board.

Coach Mitch aka Mitchell Williams